How To Look After Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most popular hair services we provide in our Chester salon so we’ve put together this guide to help our clients correctly maintain their hair at home in between appointments. Hair extensions are an investment and taking proper care of them should be high on every client’s priority list.

Learn To Wash Extensions

Before you leave the salon you should ask for the recommended care products for the brand of hair extensions you have, to ensure they don’t adversely effect the bonds or hair quality.

Our top tips for washing hair extensions are:

  • use warm water (not hot)
  • stand upright in the water flow (don’t flip the hair)
  • use shampoo to wash the scalp
  • use conditioner on the mids and ends

Use a Weekly Conditioner

In addition to the recommended shampoo and conditioner for washing, it’s important to use a regular intensive conditioner to your hair extensions. The scalp’s natural oils don’t work with extensions so we recommend using natural oil-based products to keep your hair nice and soft.

How To Brush Hair Extensions

Regular brushing of hair extensions is essential, but it’s worth noting how and when to brush for maximum effectiveness. Patience and a gentle touch are the main factors to remember, brushing methodically through the hair and slowly working out any tangles. If you use a comb make sure it is a wide tooth comb that is kind to your hair. The key times to remember are when you wake up, before and after washing and finally before bed.

Choose Your Pillowcases Well

To give your hair extensions a real premium level of care, invest in silk or satin pillowcases to help prevent your extensions drying out while you sleep.

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