Old Dee Bridge Closure

The Old Dee Bridge, a vital link between Chester’s city centre and Handbridge, is currently undergoing maintenance. The bridge closure, which began February 19th and is expected to continue until March 1st, is necessary to replace aging traffic signals and resurface the adjoining pavement.

While the bridge is off-limits to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists may be granted limited access during the project. Motorists are advised to use Grosvenor Bridge as an alternative route. In case of full pedestrian and cyclist closure, Grosvenor Bridge and Queens Park Suspension Bridge are available options.

The project, approved by Historic England due to the bridge’s historical significance, aims to minimize disruptions.

On the first day of the closure, traffic seemed to manage the detour well, likely aided by the school half-term break. As the children go back to school these works are likely to cause major traffic disruption, so can we warn all clients to add a few minutes to their journey when visiting the salon from the east side of the city.

Other ongoing works in Chester include emergency gas repairs on Liverpool Road near The Queen’s Lower School, causing a one-way closure until February 27th, and a multi-million pound water project on Cadent Road near Dee Banks School.

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