Top 5 Tips For Looking After Long Hair

Top 5 Tips For Looking After Long Hair

Long hair is special and needs to be looked after to properly maintain a luscious look and feel. In addition to appointments at your favourite hair salon in Cheshire, here are our Top 5 Tips For Looking After Long Hair at home.

1. Regular Trims

While it can be tempting to keep growing your hair without going near any scissors, regular trimming can actually help your hair grow more healthily. Over time the tips of long hair can get weaker and become prone to splitting or breaking, so a regular trim keeps the hair ends in great condition.

2. Washing Tips for Long Hair

The key thing to remember is shampoo with luke warm water and use cold water to rinse off conditioner. Avoid hot water as much as possible, as this opens the pores to weaken your hair and also removes natural oils from the scalp.

3. Eat Superfoods

As a society we are becoming more and more aware of how our food choices can affect our health and wellbeing in general. It’s important to understand how superfoods can help maintain long hair in a variety of ways.

Leafy green vegetables such as spinach and lettuce are rich in iron for strengthening your hair. Citrus fruits are essential for giving your hair their necessary vitamin C, while avacado contains lots of vitamin E which is great for hair follicles and roots.

In addition to eating healthier, there are lots of natural remedies that help maintain healthy long hair. If you are looking to moisturise dry long hair a mixture of honey and aloe vera gel can give your hair some much needed hydration. Yoghurt contains lactic acid, which is ideal for softening frizzy or unruly long hair.

4. Long Hair Drying Tips

Don’t use a towel to rub your hair dry, instead wrap the towel around your head to soak in the majority of the water. In an ideal world use a ceiling fan to dry your hair naturally and avoid a hairdryer, keeping blow dry to a minimum.

5. Bedtime Routines for Long Hair

The most important item on the bedtime to do list for long hair is a careful brush, working carefully from the ends to the roots and detangling any knots along the way. Long hair is best tied up for the night, using scrunchies (not elastic bands!) as it’s important to allow the hair to still have some flow and movement – over tightening your hair can damage both the hair shafts and roots. If you want to take your long hair bedtime tips really seriously, consider investing in silk pillowcases or a sleeping cap.

So that’s it for our Top 5 Tips For Looking After Long Hair, we hope it gives you some new ideas for your maintenance routine. If you’d like to chat about your long hair, contact us and book in for a consultation at our Chester salon.

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